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Reasons To Still Use Direct Mail

Direct mail is almost deemed old fashioned now a days with the huge move away from offline kei marketing  towards online marketing but direct mail still is a very important marketing tool when used correctly. You probably do not realist how much direct mail you receive through the post yourself.

Think of the big supermarkets that send you a leaflet every week with the latest bargains in store or the utility provider that sends you a direct mail every month wanting you to sign up with them because this month they have a fantastic deal.

If many of the UK’s biggest companies are still using direct mail as part of their direct kei marketing marketing then it must be an effective marketing tool. They are using targeted database marketing campaigns as an effective method of capturing customers. So direct mail should be considered when planning any marketing campaign.

When using direct mail as part of your direct marketing or database marketing campaign you can get a clear message across to your potential customers and kei marketing you can add more detail into the message. You can spend time thinking about the layout and the presentation of the direct mail and obviously there are fewer restrictions with the amount of information you can add.

Direct mail has a longer shelf life than say a commercial on a radio, as a leaflet can be put to one side kei marketing and read later when time allows. A commercial is a 30 second data surge and once its over you have nothing to reference back to for further information unless you managed to catch the telephone number they through in at the end.

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