Commercial Property Owners Database

Our national database of Commercial Property Owners is a complete listing of individuals or businesses who own Commercial Real Estate throughout the . This is the most comprehensive database of Commercial Properties and their Owners available. Property types include apartment buildings, hotels, office . On commercial real estate, raw public records omit a great deal. … SMR adds data on over 7 million tenants from our own proprietary database of companies, . You can then research the property owners and business owners within those zones. You can find out what they are seeking to do when it comes to property . View detailed building information, tax records, owner and tenant data, and recent sales and listing activity on over 25 million commercial real estate property . Store commercial and land property records in Evolutive’s Commercial Property Owners Database. Data, including photos, images and PDF brochures, can be captured . You should create a database of every single commercial property in your city. … It also promises you to connect you with brokers and owners to investors and . Access to relevant data is vital for succeeding in the commercial real estate market. … As the nation’s leading aggregator of ownership, property and mortgage … mine through our Commercial Property Owners Database using RealQuest Professional. Leverage detailed sales transaction data to manage commercial property investment … Our integrated database is a single, comprehensive and reliable place to . Cityscope is a comprehensive database of commercial property information (owners, tenants, grades, etc.) covering capital city CBD centres across Australia .