Aged Direct Mail Leads

Know the Case for Direct Mail Aged Lead Campaigns. While it’s easy to look at the advance of technology and think direct mail is behind the times, this is not the . Aged Direct Mail Final Expense Leads · B Leads are leads that are typically less than a year old. They can be 30 days to 18 months old. · C Leads are leads that . Aged leads can be any type of lead that is not fresh, but usually refers to Aged Direct Mail Leads. These are older leads can be anywhere from 3 months-3+ years . David Duford: We have access to aged direct mail final expense leads at an affordable price. This is for agents working in my organization only. Lead Flow. Many businesses experience an inconsistent flow of leads. This results in them either not being productive or having to work aged direct mail . That’s where Aged Direct Mail Leads come in. You get the same high quality lead that direct mail generates, but for a lower cost, and the prospect may be in a . Our aged direct mail leads are available according to the great scope that you can select developing a home-based or MLM business.Sales Leads | Business SIC | Telemarketing | Direct mail | Email | Opt-In … With our final expense aged leads, you get access to our unrivaled lead … Whatever you’re preferred marketing method, our aged final expense leads will fit the bill. CMS-compliant Medicare Advantage lead pieces available. Target Leads. TargetLeads. Full-service mail house generating leads for the senior market for over 27 . Direct mail is the preferred marketing method for top final expense agents, and has been for years. This is because direct mail still offers the best return on .